Using yum-fastestmirror to speed up your Fedora software package updates

The package manager, yum, on Fedora uses a mirror management infrastructure to help locate the geographically closest mirrors. This “geographically closest” mirror is supposed to give you the fastest connection – which unfortunately is usually not the case. For example, the connection between Mainland China and Taiwan is extremely slow despite it’s geographical neighborhood.

Therefore, the yum-fastestmirror plugin becomes very helpful. Quote from Fedora documentation

The fastest mirror plugin enhances the speed of updates by maintaining a local offline hostfile cache of the speed of the mirrors. It sorts the mirror list by speed and prioritizes the faster ones for package downloads.

Enter the command to install:

su -c 'yum install yum-fastestmirror'

One may exclude certain domains from even being listed at all by adding the following line to /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/fastestmirror.conf:, .jp

Then you’re up to the speed … Have fun!

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