Securing email of your domain against spam and phishing

Securing email of your domain against spam and phishing has two aspects:

  1. You need an authentication key to sign all outgoing emails
  2. You need publish via DNS records the public key of the authentication key, along with policies about who can send for your domain and what others should do if they receive unauthenticated emails from your domain.

Hosting email of your domain on Google Apps makes things pretty easy to authenticate your emails, prevent spammers and phishing. But you’ll need a good DNS provider as well to support provisioning a number of DNS records.

Below are three articles from Google Apps that covers what you need do - they are not limited to Google Apps hosted emails and could be very informative in general:

Finally, when you’ve done all your settings, use Google Apps Toolbox - Check MX to validate your domain’s MX records.

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