IKEA is doing great in China

More and more young couples, especially those who are getting married and have bought an apartment during the booming real estate market back in March this year, are turning to IKEA for their choice of furnitures and other consumer products for daily life.

IKEA’s marketing philosophy is making furnitures that are affordable for people to replace at any time they want to. The paces of modern lives are faster than ever and the need for furnitures and household products are also changing at the same speed. A family of two may soon be ready to welcome their baby and most likely would need to redecorate and buy a lot of completely different products.

Having such philosophy in mind, IKEA equips itself with two sharp weapons to penetrate and rule the market. The first weapon is environmental safety. IKEA products do not come with strong smell of paintings - this is generally perceived as no harmful substances are used in those products. This is an extremely important factor that why people consider IKEA as their most trustworthy supplier.

Parents are more than willing to pay more for safety, however, they will definitely not complain if safety is offered at affordable prices. The approach that IKEA takes to their product in terms of making, transporting, and selling are all about how to lower the price as much as possible - which forms their second deadly weapon - competitive prices. IKEA’s products are designed in a way so that they can be easily packed and take the least of space (and hence the cost as well) when shipped from one continent to another. Customers are encouraged to do-it-yourself to reduce cost at the mall, in delivery, as well as for installation. IKEA has also taken great effort in finding and helping suppliers to deliver best quality and lowest cost. As a result of all of above factors, most product on IKEA’s catalog have been continuously dropping prices year over year.

I may not like all of IKEA’s product - especially its mattress which are simply way too soft and hurt my back. But you probably can tell that I’m a fan of IKEA products and I’m very glad that I have this choice in the market when it comes to family health and price for value.

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My family frequent visits IKEA Shanghai and most of our furnitures at home are bought from IKEA. This afternoon when we were there to shop a desk for reading room, it is quite obvious that this is an unusually crowded day.

Car park is full of cars and people no longer follow the rules:

My boy took a snap in the car so I was at the cafe for refreshment - thanks to my wonderful wife - it’s a new one at ground level nearby the main entrance. I waited for a while to get a clean shot in which I do not have to blur somebody’s face.

Banner “IKEA FOOD” - excuse me for white balance, N79 white balance doesn’t work as expected.

Hey, this is the queues at cashier. Can anybody count how many counter are over there?

Crowd at the children’s department - unfortunately this shot does not give you the exact feeling of how crowded it was.

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